Innovative Solutions

Use our Catalog Search to find an Alternator, Starter or DC Electric Motor by Part # or Application (if you do not know the Part #). We have thousands of alternators, starters and DC Electric Motors for most applications available to ship today. Whether you require an alternator or starter for a car or an industrial or agricultural application, we have premium OE options available. We also offer quality after-market and interchange options for all makes and models.

With product knowledge, technical know-how and application expertise, we also provide optimized solutions for unique operating environments in various industries (for example, agricultural, mining and oilfield). Karam A.L. has specific solutions for dusty environments, brushless, high-output, high-speed, high-temp, high-torque, long-life, marine, sealed and UL-approved upgrade alternator and starter designs. Since 1985, our alternators and starters have powered buses, cars, combines, emergency vehicles, forklifts, mining & oilfield equipment, trucks, tractors, swathers, ATVs, RVs, boats, Autonomous vehicles and military applications.