Denso Iridium Saver Spark Plugs for Natural Gas Engines


The Iridium Saver Plug guarantees high reliability for withstanding high-combustion pressures by incorporating a stress-resistant monolithic resistor that adheres to the resistor glass in the high-temperature furnace. In addition, this eliminates interference to electronic equipment from high-energy coil noise. DENSO's Iridium Long Life spark plug is fast becoming the standard for today's high-tech engines. Designed for durability under the most extreme conditions, DENSO's patented Iridium alloy is six times harder and eight times stronger than conventional platinum and can handle temperatures in excess of 4,000F. These Iridium plugs feature the world's smallest center electrode, measuring in at 0.4mm, and a patented U-Groove ground electrode that reduces engine misfire.

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Iridium Saver Natural Gas Spark Plug

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