HP High-Output Efficient Alternators

Karam A.L. is proud to offer high output, high efficiency, 12V 240A hairpin alternators for Ford Radial Mount, Ford T-Mount, and GM Mount applications.

These are not just “pumped up” units - these alternators offer an unmatched idle charging curve of over 170 amps, and it’s all due to special OEM engineering designed to produce high output.


  • Unmatched charging curve at idle - exceeding 170 amps
  • Hair Pin, 6 phase stator maximizes slot fill 
  • 12 press fit 70A diodes with high-temp welded leads
  • Unmatched heat recovery
  • Super high heat bearings with 200+ degree seals and synthetic grease
  • 96 slot stator compared to 36 slot provides superior efficiency
  • Shaft design accepts passive, IDP, and OWC pulley designs
  • Universal Regulator circuit adapts to internal or external sensing as well as PCM or ignition excitation with lamp control
  • Unique rectifier design allows for 3 different output post positions

For full lists of available options and applications of the alternators featured above, please click on the PDF files listed below. If you would like to purchase a high-output alternator for an application that is not listed in the documents, we also offer Leece Neville and CE Niehoff brushless, and Denso alternators in 12V/14V/24V/28V ranging from 160 amps to 500 amps. For pricing,  to order an HP efficient alternator from Karam A.L., or to ask any questions, please email us or call 1-888-515-2726.

Chevrolet GMC Pickup and HD Truck Chassis - High Output Alternators.pdf
Ford F Series, Super duty, Lincoln Limousine, and Police Cruiser HD High Output Alternator – Radial Mount.pdf
Ford E series, F Series Super Duty, SUV, Mercury, Lincoln Navigator HD High Output Alternator – T-Mount.pdf